Dance/Movement Services

Individual or Family Dance/Movement Sessions

Explore interactions and connections using dance/movement in one-on-one sessions. Each session is designed around your unique needs and personal goals.
*Sliding scale fees available*

Group Dance/Movement Sessions

Small group sessions are designed to foster the parent-child relationship or help your child gain empathy with peers.

Sessions are held at:
Alongside You (Delta, BC)
Vancouver Academy of Dance (Richmond, BC)

Family Consulting Services

Parent Coaching

Supporting you in your parenting journey by increasing your skills and awareness in non-verbal communication with your child.

Difficult Behaviours

Learn to recognize body cues for your child’s preceding signs of temper tantrums, aggression, and defiance.
Discover what may be triggering your child’s behaviours.


Understand how body language plays a role in discipline. Foster the parent-child relationship
using respectful language and strategies to create limits and boundaries with your child.


In-person session or consultation
Phone / video consultation
1.5-2 hour in-person consultation
with written report
1.5-2 hour phone / video
consultation with written report
Monthly consultation package
4 x 15 minute phone / video calls & unlimited e-mails